For my graduation project I made a room divider and a lamp which at the same time functions as planters. Both projects are based on the same concept, hence they are matching. For example, both designs have a light, floating looking structure. Likewise they are made of the same materials and consist out of multiple levels. The most important similarity is the purpose; the designs are made to play with space, light and shadow.

The lamp consists out of multiple levels with five planters. Inside every planter there is a lamp. The placement of the lamp gives a beautiful abstract shadow effect on the wall made from the leaves of the plants. The idea is that the plants will grow and therefore the shadows will be ever changing.

The room divider consists out of multiple levels of removable curtains in different shades of green. The idea of this design is that you can remove or hang the curtains where and how you want them. For example, if you want more light in your room you can remove a few curtains and create a whole new kind of shape in the room divider and different kind of lighting in your surroundings. Again, these designs make you able to play with space, light and shadow.

They are now called
Natura Artis magistra

The Building Process

For the bent steel I conducted some experiments with a lit torch and a mold. After I was satisfied with the outcome of the experiments, I decided to make a two-sided mold of two meters long. One side was for the room divider and the other side was for the lamp. In order to do this I heated the steel pipes with a lit torch, for they bend quickly after they are red-hot. After the bending was done, I double checked every steel pipe. The reason for this is that they have to be perfectly straight in order to be fitting for welding. The last step was to weld everything together and oil it afterwards.
The wooden planters are made from maple wood. There’s a total of five wooden buckets, of which three consist out of two pieces. The upper and bottom planter are double sloped. I made some experiments for the double sloped parts before I made the real versions, because it’s a challenge to get the right angle. After every part was made I glued the pieces of  different the wooden planters together. The room divider was created by gluing the wooden hinges to the steel segments. The wooden planters can be (optionally) removed.
The assembly
The wooden hings parts that I also made I glued to the steel segments, this eventually is the room divider. The buckets hang in the steel lamp frame and can also be removed if necessary.
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